Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Camping with the Girl Scouts

So I never got to be a girl scout as a child. Maybe that's because I was the youngest of four kids (or six depending on the weekend) in my family. My family was very busy with sports whether it was soccer or baseball season. You can imagine a family of our size owning only one car, with all of the kids with different practice times, of course each practice field miles apart. My mom always joked about having "mom's taxi" on her license plate. Well, I can guess that's why I was the one who missed out on the girl scout thing. Have you ever heard of living through your kids??? Well, this weekend I went on my first Girl Scout camping trip. I must say it was so much fun. We were at Camp Wi-Wo-Ca in Cherry Valley. We stayed for two nights. I was lucky to be one of the parent volunteers.

I've trained her well...I think. Alyssa used up her entire "throw away" camera on the way up to camp. I kept on telling her to pace herself so she wouldn't use all of her pictures on the first day. Funny how about an hour after we arrived at camp Alyssa comes up to me sad because she has used all of her film. I can't wait to see what she took picturs of. Some how I think I'll see a few repeats as she seemed to take multiple photos of the same thing. I guess the apple doesn't really fall far from the tree. I took a fresh 2gig card to camp so I wouldn't have to decide what photos I should take off of my other card. Funny how my camera decided not to work while we were there and I ended up using Kim's (one of the leaders) camera to take the photos that I had to take. In the short time my camera was working I managed to take 53 pictures. I took a ton on the loaned camera. Luckily Kim was cool about me grabbing her camera when ever I had an urge! Because I know how the photo bug feels, I held my breath and let Alyssa use my camera (it was still working at the time) to take a few shots.

Well, I haven't had time to figure the video thing yet but when I do I have some great video of camping.

On my mind right little guy is getting ready to turn two. WOWWEEEEE Kinda freaking me out how my children are getting so big. Alyssa will be nine and Meg will be seven. Where in the world has time gone?? And may I add, why in the world do I still have "baby fat"? Maybe after nine years I just call it fat, leaving the baby out. Technically it's only been two years since I had Evan so maybe I'm still good. Well, not good with the fat thing but oh well, working on that one.

I hope scrap all day on Thursday. I have new Basic Grey staring at me and I can barely think straight. I just want to push paper!!!!!!!!