Monday, February 16, 2009

A Sweetheart Dinner

So at the beginning of the girl scout year I came up with a really sweet idea to have my girl scouts put on a Sweethearts dinner for their parents. Well, it seemed far enough away., being in Feb and all. Well, as time has a way of flying, Feb is here. With a ton of hard work my co-leader Kristin and I, along with three very helpful moms, and four girl scout Cadette volunteers, put on a dinner to remember. The girls were with us all day long making crafts, decorating, and prepping and cooking the meal. For the meal we served a wedge salad with fresh bacon bits, tomatoes, and either ranch or blue cheese dressing. The main course was a chicken dish, with Parmesan and mushroom, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, and rolls. Dessert was the fondue fountain and coffee with foo foo creamer.

The girls made the place card holders, the place mats, the napkin rings, and painted the flower pots that held the flowers for their parents that doubled as a center piece. The girls had to leave a spot open on the place mats for the plates. Pictures below show the table set.

Who doesn't love a chocolate fountain for dessert? The girls chopped and cleaned and sliced all of the dippers. Mmmmm, strawberries, bananas, apples, pineapple (all were pleasantly surprised at that one), rice krispie treats, pound cake, and, marshmallows.

Here's the table all set and ready for the girls to serve their parents.

My place setting.

The girls read a custom poem for the parents that was written by my mom, the fabulous poet.

They even threw in s few brownie songs to delight the crowd.

See the cute apron she's wearing....a sewing project one of our super great moms helped the girls with. Tiffany, the mom, is so awesome. She is embroidering all of the girls names on the ties. The apron says "Brownies troop 896" on the front.

"Dad, I'm going to give you this plate of goodies, but can I eat some first?"

Every good party has a big mess afterwards. Kristin and I did a ton of cleanup but at the end of the night, you couldn't even tell we had a big sweethearts bash in the same place!

Somehow the chocolate fountain doesn't look as appealing after 40 people have had their way with it! The kids thought it was so fun and the parents were surprised with how elegant it was.

The day was a ton of work. At times there were more balls in the air then there should be. The girls all did a great job. The night was great. A ton of work but as time goes by, the memories of the effort will disappear as compared to the memories of the fantastic evening that we put on for the parents. All of the girls and their parents should be so proud. As for me, I am taking a break from "big" events for a tiny bit. Looks like I should huh?