Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello Bloggity blog

So for starters, the kids have been growing like weeds. Alyssa is now 12 1/2 Megan 10 1/2 and Evan is 5 1/2. Matt and I are both approaching our 38th birthdays this year. WOW WOW in the world did I become someone with an age that is anywhere close to 40. Maybe I can just keep having 37th birthday parties for myself?

Above is a recent picture of the fam bam. Well, as recent as December. Just now trying to put this picture in makes me remember why I stopped blogging!! Grrrr, why in the world is it so hard to get my pictures where I want them???? Might need to jump on FB and ask my friends if they have a solution.

So, in an attempt to save my sanity...I'll just plan to NOT put any more pictures in this post so I can actually hit publish.

So much has been going on with everyone in my family since I last posted. I could probably write for a year trying to catch up to speed. Maybe I'll just take an approach like...start with something current. Seeing as it's January...I'll start with a list of my goals for this year.

1. Lose 20 pounds. I've lost 33 already since September and I feel confident that 20 more is an attainable goal. In my head...I'd LOVE to be down 30 more....but I'm trying to be reasonable with myself. If I could wear a bikini in the summer....oh dear lordy would it be great to have a tan belly again. I'd LOVE that!!

2. Focus on my household. I swear this "starter" house of ours that we have lived in for 10 years feels smaller and smaller every day. We've started to buy a bigger house twice...wait..we have actually bought the two other houses....but we keep changing our minds before all is said and done. Regardless...we are still here. We actually love our neighbors and think it might be so hard to leave. I think the focus for me needs to be to getting this house in order. What does that mean......P U R G E!!! First in closet. Time to get rid of all the clothes that don't fit me anymore. I don't plan on EVER fitting in any of those sizes again.

3. Start getting my sweet baby girl ready for high school. I need to do some research as to which HS we are going to send her to. Lots of choices and I need to help her help herself to set her sights on college. I know it sounds early but I don't want to miss anything or be wishing I would have thought about stuff earlier.

4. Get Megan into dance or theater. She's just born to be on stage and I'm doing her a disservice not facilitating that. It's usually an expense reason or good old "time" that stops me when I start thinking about it.I'll put that at the front of the line...should be easy right?

5. Evan is doing so well at school. Maybe for him I should just make a promise to be "in the classroom". Actually all my kids want me there so I think I'll find one day a week to spend time in each kiddos class. I do love being there and really I only have this year and next to be in class with Alyssa.

6. Plan regular dates with Matt. We aren't really good about going on dates. I think it's important. Sure, we have time that the kids are in school when we can go. I'll make good use of that time but will try to preplan some overnight trips as well. fingers are getting tired....or maybe I' just worried if I talk about any more I won't hit "publish".

Hope to blog more really soon!


Friday, August 6, 2010


Change is coming...well I guess it's already here. Not sure if I like it but I guess I don't really have a choice to stop it. The kids are getting ready to start a new school year...two out of three attending new schools this year. Along with that we have two big new changes with the girls. Alyssa is wearing contacts and Megan is in the process of getting her braces on. Here are two shots I was able to take on my phone. I know I know, I have a 3000 dollar camera and I took the pictures with my phone! I showed up with my camera in hand for the contact appointment...duh, forgot to put the memory card back in it from the night before when I was downloading photos. top if off, my phone started to die. Well seriously that's just my luck!! I went to the Ortho appoinment not thinking that there was going to be anything picture worthy. WRONG!! Luckily the trusty phone was charged a bit more. Here are two photos I managed to capture, one from each day.

Crazy for me to know how quick things seem to change. Oh well, like Matt & I always say, everything's a stage. (I think that's how we get through the tougher parts of parenting).
Next week Alyssa will start middle school. She's ready. I'm not. Guess I'll keep prtending it's not true, until Wed morning when I have to take her!!
Ok, more to come soon.

Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm not dead, I promise.

So It's been a ridiculous amount of time since I've blogged. I admit, there are many "drafts" in my little dashboard of blogger. I kept getting mad because I'd do these great posts and then have the pictures fail to upload.

I keep telling myself and Holly that I will go back to blogging. Well, here's a post of nothingness. Nothing to say except I'm here. I truly miss you bloggy blog. I will give you some time. Might be shy on pics but I'm thinking simple might be a good way to start So, I'll add one pic here and ht publish. I'll be a step closer back to my blogging self.

The kids have grown a bit since last post...over a year ago Here's what the kidlets look like now. Well, I guess it'a what we all look like now. This is our traditional photo we take every time we leave Havasu. We have years of photos in this same spot.
Hope to post again real soon!
Lauren :O)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Double digits baby!!!

So it happens...but we don't like it. Our babies get to be big kids. My baby girl turned 10 last weekend. I'm sad but proud at the same time. We are very proud of Alyssa and the beautiful young lady she is. Here's a little snapshot from Alyssa's beach party. I keep trying to add a bunch of pictures but to be real honest...blogger is making me mad. Pic are taking FOREVER to upload.
More later when I get some patience for dealing with long uploads.
XOXo, Lauren

Friday, June 12, 2009

A beautiful reminder of how awesome the world can be!

These photos were taken last week on our way out of town. I wanted to stay home and go out on my own little nature shoot but we were on a schedule! The river was calling us. The clouds looked like waves in the ocean on a stormy day. Some looked like frosting whipped up on the top of a cake. Either way...beautiful. These were all taken while moving in the truck. I wonder what pictures I might have shot if I had time to stop??

All of these photos were taken last week on our way out of town. I wanted to stay home and go out on my own little nature shoot but we were on a schedule! The river was calling us. The clouds looked like waves in the ocean on a stormy day. Some looked like frosting whipped up on the top of a cake. Either way...beautiful. These were all taken while moving in the truck. I wonder what pictures I might have shot if I had time to stop??

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Equal opportunity blogging??

So I keep wanting to post, really I do. But then I think because it's been so long, I need to wait and throw up birthday pictures of all three of the kids. No. not just an excuse. I really was planning on posting once this weekend is over and I have photos of all three of the kids.

I know not everyone has crossed over to the darkside, facebook. I will again, try to be a better blogger. But wanna hear the sad thing..I just started to post bday pics here, then realized I already posted Evan's birthday. So I will play a little catch up so by Sat, I will be current. That is if I put pictures of Alyssa up right away. You see, my baby will be 10 on Sat. Holy COW!!! Double digits. Man, I am getting old then. Wanna see how old........scroll down>>>>>>>>>>

Next up in the line up was Megan. She's a whopping 8 now. I keep wondering when it will feel like she is the age that she is.......still wondering. She had a nice party here at the house. Some friends and a pool. Not a bad way to ring in a new year. I was thankful that the sun came out that day because it was a little cloudy and cold the few days prior. Take a look at the luau we threw.

That darn shadow! Still working on that . :O(

A little festive idea to enter the pool area.

A fun find. They looked pretty cute if I do say so myself!

Gotta dress up the munchies!

My attempt at a tropical floral center piece. 1 vase made by Megan + one bunch of fake flowers+sand from Evan's sand box= decent center piece for the table.

The girls played Aloha bingo.


Hula contest.

Hula contest round 2.

Megan wanted Costco cupcakes rather than a regular cake.

Happy birthday girl with her cupcake.

A little big?

Not if your goal is to make a mess with it and still have enough to eat!

Holly noticed this bit of choc. made a little heart on Megan's side.

A look from inside out.

Cash?? Huge hit. Didn't know that was such a cool gift. She was so excited.

I love hand drawn cards. So sweet and personal.

Sis checking out Meg's new DS game from the Bailes family.

The group, minus Dylan. I guess we knew eventually it would happen that they boy/ girl party thing might be an issue. Megan will probably last for a few more years at Dylan's parties. What, the only girl??? More attention for her? Somehow I think she'll hold on to that one, if he still wants her there. So sad how fast they have grown up. Here's Dylan on his own. Love the shirt!

Megan wanted to have a luau party just to be able to do the conga line.

This never gets old, no matter how many times they do it or how old the kids get!
OK, well I think after all these pictures, I really know why this is challenging for me. More pictures=forever to upload. Maybe I will try to post with fewer pics.........yeah right. If you know me you know there are waaaaaayyyyy too many for me to pick from. BTW, photo credits are shared on this day with my Holly. So nice to have a friend that captures the pictures she knows you would want. Loves to you Holly.
So, I'm back in the game peeps. See you tomorrow...I mean it.
Lauren :O))

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Soccer Morning

What a game. It was a great way to spend our Sat morning. Megan's team the Dynamite Girls worked so hard and played together so well. I love what a great job her coaches are doing with the girls. We have practice tomorrow. I am not quite the soccer mom yet but I am having fun watching the games. I can't even sit down. Sure, I bring a chair but never really sit in it. I'm too busy either cheering or taking pictures. I love this. It brings me back to when I was a kid and played soccer. Maybe I will pull out an old photo and give you a giggle. For now, here are a few photos of my Meggers. Such a proud mama I am.

Have a great day,
Lauren :O)))