Friday, August 6, 2010


Change is coming...well I guess it's already here. Not sure if I like it but I guess I don't really have a choice to stop it. The kids are getting ready to start a new school year...two out of three attending new schools this year. Along with that we have two big new changes with the girls. Alyssa is wearing contacts and Megan is in the process of getting her braces on. Here are two shots I was able to take on my phone. I know I know, I have a 3000 dollar camera and I took the pictures with my phone! I showed up with my camera in hand for the contact appointment...duh, forgot to put the memory card back in it from the night before when I was downloading photos. top if off, my phone started to die. Well seriously that's just my luck!! I went to the Ortho appoinment not thinking that there was going to be anything picture worthy. WRONG!! Luckily the trusty phone was charged a bit more. Here are two photos I managed to capture, one from each day.

Crazy for me to know how quick things seem to change. Oh well, like Matt & I always say, everything's a stage. (I think that's how we get through the tougher parts of parenting).
Next week Alyssa will start middle school. She's ready. I'm not. Guess I'll keep prtending it's not true, until Wed morning when I have to take her!!
Ok, more to come soon.

Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm not dead, I promise.

So It's been a ridiculous amount of time since I've blogged. I admit, there are many "drafts" in my little dashboard of blogger. I kept getting mad because I'd do these great posts and then have the pictures fail to upload.

I keep telling myself and Holly that I will go back to blogging. Well, here's a post of nothingness. Nothing to say except I'm here. I truly miss you bloggy blog. I will give you some time. Might be shy on pics but I'm thinking simple might be a good way to start So, I'll add one pic here and ht publish. I'll be a step closer back to my blogging self.

The kids have grown a bit since last post...over a year ago Here's what the kidlets look like now. Well, I guess it'a what we all look like now. This is our traditional photo we take every time we leave Havasu. We have years of photos in this same spot.
Hope to post again real soon!
Lauren :O)