Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So a long time ago...

My friend Ally " tagged" me. I tried to participate but for some reason I didn't do it justice. Now that I'm trying to plug back into life, i figure I'll catch up on my blogger responsibilities. You know, throw in some, links, do challenges, and actually post! So for my tag.

The tag was to write seven random facts about yourself. I did start. Here's what I wrote:

1. I am the youngest of six. Is that boring? Hmmmm, maybe a need a new #1.
1b. OK, this might be something....I can't stand to eat meat on a bone. Nope, no ribs for me. No chicken wings either. The thought on gnawing on a bone just seems to make the whole meat eating thing seem so much more barbaric. If I do happen to get meat on the bone for a meal, I have to take all of the meat off and get the bone off of my plate before I eat. Weird huh? Luckily my hubby has been sensitive to that one. He is always kind enough to make sure no bones hit my plate. Love the hubbs so much for this.
2. I take pride in being a good friend. A good person in general. The day people are sitting around at a funeral for me, talking about my life, I hope that kind is a resounding thought in the minds of people. I try to treat others, blah blah blah, you know. But really, it's true. Not too much bothers me and I really look for the good in everyone.

Now to finish this....

#3. I have to sleep with at least one foot out. I guess it's more in the summer than winter. But I can remember as a kid my mom tucking me in to bed where she literally tucked my comforter around my legs, nice a tight. I loved it because I knew she was giving me a special few minutes of her time, but I can remember breaking out of my covers almost the second she left my room. Funny thing about all that is my hubby is the exact opposite. He always has his feet covered. He says you don't want anything to bite your toes. He's been telling my kids that since they were little but I still catch them with a toe or a foot out as well.

#4. I love to watch Poker After Dark.

It's on NBC almost every night at 3am. I guess that's morning, huh? It's not that I really love to play poker or anything. I think I originally started watching because I would have the TV on NBC from watching The Tonight Show and Conan O'Brien. I keep the TV on for noise. I actually started paying attention to it because of the phrases like "on the river" or "takes the flop". I guess I just found it strange that there was a whole new world of terms that I knew nothing about. I still don't know much about poker but I do know what the lingo means. Hmm, guess it's not too late to learn new things.

#5. I have always thought I would die young. It started early. I remember thinking I'd never make it to 18. Once I hit 18 I was sure I'd never make it to 21. It keeps on going still. I'm not sure why. The feeling are worse now that I have kids. I pray every night that I make it long enough to watch my kids have their own kids, their own spouses, their own lives. I try not to think about death but it still hits me so heavy sometime. I worry that I'll leave behind things out of order and that someone will have to deal with my stuff. I even worry about my scrapbooks. Silly huh? I have had a deal with Holly for years now. The deal is simple. I die, she is in charge of scrapbooking my kids. You think that would have made me feel better but then the worry changes that I need to journal a bunch so she will have my thoughts, my memories, my vision to put on those pages.

To add into that, I worry all the time about my parents. The thought of living without them makes me sick to my stomach. It's already harder than I thought having them so far away.

#6. I think if I had to choose just one other way my life could have gone, I could see myself as an executive in a big city. Urban living! I'm not sure why but it just feels like that would have been a good place for me. Ok, well minus the dirt, the crowds, and the high rises. Hmmm, maybe I just like visiting big cities! See, nothing interesting here!

#7. I love riding dirt bikes. Motorcycles is something my husband has been into since he was a little boy. He's REALLY talented and one of my fondest pre-children memories with Matt is when he took me on a ride on a motorcycle. We rode all kinds of trails and had a great time. Once I started riding myself, I understood why he loves it so much. No, I'm not ever going to be a super rider like he is. I do love it though. I have had two bikes. My first was a Yahmaha TTR125. We bought that bike for me to learn on. Once I rode better, I upgraded to a new, bigger bike. The Honda CRF230. The perfect bike!
I have to admit I am really sad to say I don't have it anymore. Matt and I decided with three kids it was time for me to take a break from the motorcycle. Once I was preggers with Evan, the bike just sat. Funny how the desert season changes once you can't ride. Here's a photo of how I spent my time in Ocotillo. I know this picture will warm a few scrappers little hearts!
I LOVE this photo. Gives the phrase "riding the cooler" a whole new meaning.
OK, so although painful and terribly long to write, I think I finished my "tag". Part of the tagging thing is I need to pass along the pleasure.
So here are the rules:
(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.
(2) Link the person you received your award from.
(3) nominate at least 7 other blogs.
(4) Put links of those on yours.
(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated.
So here goes:
Holly- I know she'll come up with good stuff to write and it won't take her hours like it took me. Partially because her pictures are so darned organized there will be hardly a second for her to find pics to add to her post.
Christi- My old friend from playgroup years ago with Megan, her son Jordan, and Holly's son Dylan. Can't wait to read her answers!
Jason- Holly's man. I bet he'll have some good stuff to say. Apparently not only do we share Holly, he shouts from the same soap box I do.
Heather E.- Would love to know more about you! We live so close we need to get together and scrapbook. Let's get books going for your babies!!!
Ali E. - OK, reaching for the stars here but I love reading her blog and maybe just maybe she'll play along. I do have a picture of her on my blog. She is so very nice. Made my day meeting her at CHA Anaheim last year.
Kristie- I'm not sure if she ever played after Ally tagged her.
Shelby- What a great way to get to know each other better.
OK, ladies and Jason, get rolling! Can't wait to read your blogs!!!


ally serrato said...

yay lauren!!! im so proud of you!! its about freakin' time huh??? xoxo

The England Family said...

I'm up for the challenge...but like you, I am having a difficult time thinking of things. Give me a couple of days and I am sure I can whip something together!! :)

Christi said...

You went really deep on some of your answers! I learned a few new things about you though. :)
Thanks for the tag! It was rough but I muddled through.

ally serrato said...

when are we gonna play again?!?! did you talk to matt about november??