Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A recap to get caught up. Whew, is it 2009 already??

So I've been meaning to post. At first I was was waiting for time, then for pictures, then for time, and then, well facebook sucked me in. Now I am here, sitting in front of my computer ready to give my bloggie blog some luvin! In order to catch up I'm going to post some random catch up pictures in no particular order. Did you notice my new photo on the top? It was from a trip up to Big Bear. What a great time. Well, here's a photog of the last little while.

Fun time in Big Bear to play in the snow and Chillax!

We are so proud of the girls. Alyssa received the Gold Honor Roll Award at school and in the same week, Megan received student of the month for her class. The girls were very happy to be recognized for their hard work.

We baked cookies. We decorated cookies. We ate cookies. Yum, that's the best part!

The kids celebrated the annual kids x-mas party at the Fire Dept.

The Fire Dept X-Mas Party for the grown ups.

We celebrated Christmas. Santa brought each of the kids a special treat. SMFD brought us a treat too, Daddy home for the first time in seven years for Christmas day! We enjoyed not rushing for once. Alyssa woke up on Christmas eve right as the Nordic Santa tracker reported Santa was in San Diego! She was so excited she came in our room and slept with us so she wouldn't be awake. She heard him from our bed and could barely sleep but she managed to sleep long enough for the big guy to come and leave stocking stuffed with goodies and treats.

We even got to spend a nice time with Matt's family at his sister's house. The kids had a great time with their Aunt Pooh, like always.

I even got to take my new Cricut bag out for a test run and scrapbook the day after Christmas to celebrate my friend Randi's b-day.

We rang in the new year quietly at home with a few good friends. We also celebrated Erin's birthday as she is a New Year's Eve baby. Can you believe she's only 26? I'm trying to keep myself young by hanging out with young peeps! Not really but they are a lot of fun. Glenn and Michele joined us as well. Everyone was pooped and barely made it to midnight. Of course, not me....I'm just getting my second wind at that time.

OK, well that should catch me up a little bit. So sorry for taking so long to give you a little love. Posting on a more regular basis is on my list of To Do's for 2009. I will show that list soon so I have some accountability for the list. Speaking of lists, my friend Ally has an inspiring list on her blog. Check it out here. LOVES IT! I think you'll see my list looks very similar!
Love to all for the new year.
Lauren :O)))


Christi said...

Love all the pics. and the update! Crazy how Facebook can consume so much time and take away from blogland! You guys look great. Congrats to the girls on their good work. Congrats to mom and dad for doing such a great job with the kiddos!

Mamas said...

Love the pictures! Makes me miss all of you even more! Well, June is not THAT far away so be ready for lots of Mim & Gramps kisses and hugs!