Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My 3 year old little dude.

My little dude is three. So hard to believe. It feels like yesterday that we were waiting for him to arrive. I was not sure about being a "boy" mom. Wondering what this new little one was going to add to our family. It's funny how he has just finished off our family in the perfect way. Here's how we celebrated his 3rd year...

A big #3 balloon to start off the day. Matt & the girls made him pancakes with sprinkles on it, standard birthday breakfast at our house.

Evan opened his mail from Mime and Grampie. He was so happy to get a froggy card and a check for a whopping 25dollars. He carried the check around all morning telling us over and over he got 25 dollars from mim and Grampie.

For a little b-day treat I took him to meet up with his buddy Keagan to play at Chuck E Cheese. This was his first time there and he loved it. There was a learning curve though. He put all 20 of his tokens in the air hockey game at one time. He could have stayed there all day but we had to get on to more of the celebration.

When we got home from "Chunk and Cheese", Matt and the girls had a "party" all set up with gifts and cupcakes. Here's a view of the party..

The girls were happy to help Evan open his gifts. He actually did a great job. He was so happy to get cool stuff from the family.

Grandma & Grandpa sent Evan his very first remote control truck. Very cool to watch Matt teach him how to drive it!

Cupcakes with yellow (Evan's favorite color) sprinkles were in order.

Make a wish big boy!!!!!

Just when he thought all the surprises were done for the day...he went outside to find a brand new scooter. He has been on it every day since!

We had a party for Evan with our friends. It was Diego themed. Here's a glimpse of the fun.
Evan was the first to go playing pin the badge on Diego. He NAILED it, right on the money, It totally looked fixed and we all got a kick out of his accuracy.

A little pinata action.

The cake. The stores didn't have a cool Diego cake so I had ordered a trail riding cake (it was supposed to have a jeep on it) and bought the Diego stuff to be put on top. Turned out pretty good. I hear the choc cake with choc fudge cake was yummy. I was a good girl and didn't have any.

We took a moment to pose with our little guy and the big old cake!

It was great to watch Evan's face as he listened to all of our guests sing Happy Birthday to him.

I think Evan liked the cake!

At one point I looked around at the small gathering of friends and really just felt blessed to have my closest girlfriends and their families there. No, it wasn't the huge party that has been known to happen at birthdays past, but it was perfect because of the people there. Here is a picture of me and my girls. Pretty cool for me to get all of us in one picture.

I hope you enjoyed the recap on Evan's 3rd Birthday. Get ready because we are in full swing of birthday season in our family. Next up...ME!!! Yes, LaLa will be half way to 70 on the 26th.


ally serrato said...

so glad we were there ~ thanks for the invite!!