Thursday, May 8, 2008

A two year old with the nozzle

So the girls and Evan were playing outside the other day. Evan decides he's going to water the tree. Nothing new. It's a good thing for him to do to stay in one spot for a little bit. He takes the nozzle and tries to squirt the girls and the neighbors that are all in the yard. They all think it's funny because the water is barely on. Little do they know that Matt has moved over to the spickett and is about to give Evan a little power behind the nozzle. Here's the result. Not sure who was more surprised.

Life 's little moments are so worth capturing. It's a matter of how brave you are to run in a grab your camera. I can't say I wasn't standing there worrying about the possibility of Evan blasting me with the water. Well, not me, my camera. I had a photo in my head. The LAST photo Holly took with her camera before the water from a slip and slide ruined it. I did get wet but I was able to protect the camera.
I've been dying to get into some paper and play. So, I'll post more later. I have several projects going right now. Oh, gotta watch Grey's first then I'll play. Hmmm, maybe I'll sort some buttons while I watch.
Bye for now!

Evan had the best time soaking everyone.


Anonymous said...

Moral to the story... buy the extended insurance on your camera! :0>