Sunday, May 25, 2008

Time sure is flying by!

Looking at the last date I posted makes me wonder why it is time has sped up so much. I feel like I have so many things to share that I don't even know where to start. Hmmm, let's see.
First of all, my little Meggers turned 7 today. Yes, shocking. I guess the whole feeling of time going way too fast is true. I can't believe she is seven. Whew, craaaaazeeeee! To celebrate we had my in-laws here yesterday We went on a bike ride. Megan was surprised to get to go on the ride with a brand new bike. Her knees have been hitting the handle bar on the old bike so it was nice to see her on a bike that actually fits. Here's Meg and her ride!

We spent the day today making Megan feel special. Matt had to work so we were on a mission for fun. After I let the girls have cake for breakfast (yes, it's really me, I just was being "cool Mom" for the birthday), we hung around the house for awhile. We loaded up and went to Red Robin for lunch. Megan was given a big sundae for her birthday treat from Red Robin. She was so sweet to Alyssa. She felt bed that Alyssa's treat was small. She begged me to get her sister a big sundae too. Wow, only a day of being 7 and she was super thoughtful to her sister! Hmmm, could she be maturing??? Well, after that we went to Friends2BMade and made dolls. We even popped into Libby Lu for a glittering. We had a great time at the mall. Evan was good putting up with our girly day. I'll have to make sure he gets his hands on daddy's tools tomorrow. We spent the evening outside riding bikes and playing games. I'm pooped and I think we are pretty tired too. I got NO grief at bedtime. Not even any conversation as I walked out of the bedrooms. Happy birthday Meggers!!
The girls went to the father daughter dance last week. The theme was Hollywood Red Carpet. The girls were very excited to get dressed in their best glamorous outfits. I did their hair and Holly loaned them bling to put in it. I really wanted to have their hair done for them but the fees were just not cheap. I didn't really know what I was I doing but I think they looked cute. Don't they just look so sweet?

Can you believe this one??? The nerve! What do they think, crazy moms are gonna tag the kids and dad and follow their every move to get that great photo? Try and sneak into the dance to capture every part of the night on film? Well, I guess the PTA moms in charged worried when they saw us on the list. I did exactly that! The kids and Matt left thinking the photo shoot was over when the drove away. Evan and I jumped in the car and kept a slow follow. I even bribed Evan with a trip to Starbucks for a "hoppachino" to get him to leave the Barney video he was watching when it was time to chase them to school. They were all surprised to see me in the school loop taking photos from the car. Really, they should expect no less. This is me. I am the paparazzi, and I love it!
More later, I promise.
I'm hoping to get my gallery of work up this week. I also will be putting a spot on here where you can order kits from my past and current scrapbook projects. Hmmmm, lots in the works. Next up on the birthday list is Alyssa. She'll be 9 in 18 days. Wowzer!


ally serrato said...

im dying ~ those pictures of your hubbs and the girls make me wanna cry!!! so, so cute!!!