Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So I guess I forgot to tell you if I got the new car.

So I'm a big nerd and totally forgot to tell you whether or not we got the new car. I've seen quite a few of you in town and I guess I just forgot to post. So, tell me if this picture says anything about the whole car dilemma.

Yes, that's the new Acadia and my Suburban!!!! We couldn't give away the "burb" like they wanted me to. I can't believe the economy that a dealer can offer 6K for a truck like my beloved burb. NO WAY JOSE!!!!! The funny thing is Matt & I put just enough gas in it to get it to the dealer, then had to add more gas to get it home. Either we're really dumb, too emotionally attached to stuff, or maybe just really really dumb! Whatever it is, we are both really happy to still have the beast. Matt thinks if he doesn't sell it private party that he is going to make it even bigger. Sick was the word he used to describe his vision for it. Hmmmm, sounds expensive. Here we are picking up my new "G-ride" (thanks for the name Ally!)

So I have a ton of work to do tonight, if you want to call it that. I'm starting a new layout class at the store for grown ups. yeah!!!!!! I will be putting the finishing touches on it tonight and posting it to both the store site and here for your viewing pleasure. I have an idea. How about some comments to see who is out there in blog land??? Speaking of that, a nice welcome back to my pal Ally who has been out of blogger heaven for a while since her baby girl computer got a touch of the icks. Welcome back la la la, that's me singing to you Ally!.

Ok, gotta get going on the nightly routine. Can't wait to sit down and scrap tonight. 2.5 hours and counting down till it's just me, my coffee, and my stuff! I love scrapping, have I ever told you that??????

See ya peeps!>>>I think I'm feeling a bit spunky tonight. Not my normal sign off!



ally serrato said...

okay first of all ~ youre so cute for taking a picture in front of the dealership with the whole fam!!! second of all ~ love the "g" ride!! third of all ~ thanks for the warm welcome back!!! i am so excited to be back i cant even contain myself!!! i wanna post about everything!!!! xoxoxo