Saturday, December 6, 2008

Local Christmas Parade, year two! Christmas decorating too.

Well, I managed to complete year two of the local x-mas parade. Not sure why I keep getting myself into that, except the kids LOVE IT!! We had 67 girl scouts and a load of leaders and mommies & 1 dad. Oh, we also had the honorary future boy scout riding alongside in his stroller. I swear Evan was so cute waving and telling all the people "Mewry Cwistmas". His friend Andrew was there with his mom and brother waving him on. Last year we did the parade too but Evan was in the truck since Matt pulled the float. This year we didn't have that luxury. In fact, I had a three kids, plus my troop there. My co-leader was awesome as usual in helping me with Evan. I took just a few photos but also some video. I'll see if I can get the video up. Here are the photos though. I have more close ups coming from another camera soon. Can you believe I didn't even get my camera out until we were already going? Mama scrapper slacking on the job!

I put the tree and some decorations up today. Things are starting to look like Christmas around here. Tomorrow we are off to the annual kids x-mas party at the fire dept. The kids are excited about that one. I think we'll sneak down a bit early and hit Pink while I'm in the neighborhood. I think there's a big hoopla going on....maybe I can't:O((. I'll call first. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to some scrappy time this week. Think I need to start making some holiday lists or the big event is gonna sneak up on me and bite me in the bottom. Oh, kinda cute today....Lyss and Evan were pretending to be Santa and an elf. Santa is seen here driving his sleigh, reaching into his bag of toys, and even pulling a gift for mom out of the bag. I love watching this season through my children's eyes! The girls had fun teaching Evan Jingle Bells tonight too. It sure was a great day. We never even left the house!
This musical globe is Evan's favorite so far. It was his favorite last year too. I love watching him watch the snow blow around!

OK, off to do more for the night.



Jennifer Priest said...

How fun! I didn't know you were a Girl Scout leader--I was too, up until about month ago--now we are just floating about waiting for a troop. Anyways. love all the photos!

Christi said...

Ok, so I know that snow and cold weather are all good around Christmas time but looking at some of the girls in the wagon not wearing coats and looking comfy is a nice thought too! What a fun time for you all!