Friday, March 13, 2009

I have no excuse!

So my friends, I was told that not everyone is not on Facebook. In fact I hear some people are even trying to wean themselves. I promised and I did not keep it. So, as I hate to be a promise I go again. A NEW vow to my blog. No blah blah excuses. Just posts.

Softball is a new twist in the family dynamic. We have fought team sports for a while. Not because we don't value their importance. It's just the time commitment. We finally bit the bullet and jumped in. Alyssa is playing softball and Megan will be playing soccer soon. This is a new adventure for all of us.

Alyssa got her first hit today. The pride. The accomplishment. The sheer joy. We both felt it. Isn't it just sweet seeing your kiddo feel all of that? I even got a picture of it. Not this picture>>>
This one>>>
Oh wait, here's the cropped version....

Here's Alyssa and her friends.

Opening day was fun. It kinda reminded me of when I was a kid. We always were anxious to be a part of opening day ceremonies. It was a great feeling to see her running with her team on the field. Brought me back a few nearly 30 years. Wow, am I old or what???

OK, don't want to prevent myself from hitting the old publish button so I'll sign off for now. We're headed off to hang out with Matt's sister tomorrow to try on flower girl dresses for the girls.
Goodnight, and thanks for not giving up on me.
Lauren :O)))


Christi said...

Love it and congrats to Alyssa! We love baseball/softball. So fun! Good luck to Megan when she starts soccer too. As if you weren't busy enough!
Have fun!

Christi said...

I just read your comment on my blog :) Yeah, Dad got to name the team so of course, it's the Padres. Funny.
That's my natural hair color so thanks for the compliment. Jaime still wants the blond back and I do miss it at times so we'll see....

Toni said...

Yeah! Thanks for getting back to your blog! Hope to hang out soon. :O)