Sunday, March 22, 2009

We shopped!

We hit the road and met up with Matt's sister "Aunt Pooh" to try on flower girl dresses last weekend. Alyssa learned in her American Girl Guide to Manners book on the way there that she technically is considered a junior bridesmaid because of her age. So, with that in mind, we headed into the mall to see what kind of dresses we could find. We did stop for a nice lunch before we went in. CPK was yummy. The girls had dessert and Aunt Pooh and I watched.

They look a little happy about the dessert huh?

Aunt Pooh is so sad now, but will be happy when she is hanging out on her honeymoon in her bikini not thinking about that silly dessert.

Food, done. Now for shopping.

Megan in the first dress she tried on. It happens to be the dress we chose for her.

We thought about getting matching dresses for them. We didn't, but this is the dress that Alyssa will be wearing on the big day. Wow, don't they look all grown up?

Oh yeah, love this dress try on thing.

Peek a boo. Hiding in the dressing room waiting for us to bring more dresses!

Trying to decide if what she wants and what looks the best is the same thing.

Discussing the choices with Aunt Pooh. These dresses hanging are the final choices. The dress Meg is wearing in this picture is the dress she really wanted.

Look at me!

Here's the shop where we bought the girls' dresses, baskets, and Evan's suit.

Now for shoes...

......and jewelry.

Here are the final "looks". We had a quick try on session when we got home. Evan's suit fit and the girls look great. What a great and productive day. Hmmmm, what's next?

We are excited about our trip up to Napa for the wedding. We are taking a HUGE motor home and calling it a trip. We will stop in our favorite camp spot in Pismo on the way up. we even get to show the kids San Fransisco a little. The most exciting part is after all this time, Aunt Pooh and Uncle Ed will be married. Yeah!!!
Lauren :O)))