Monday, April 14, 2008

Sometimes in life you just have to give up on worry.

So tonight has been like so many nights of mine. The house is finally quiet and I start my day of chores and tid bits of this and that. The goal being at the end of the "have to's" I can get going on the "want to's". Well, after a load of dishes (totally my pet peeve to wake up in the morning with last night's dinner dishes staring at me), random cd organizing, laundry duty (my nemisis), two cups of reheated coffee, and various stacks of stuff either put away or reorganized to into a more senisible stack, I decide that it's 1 am and I'm gonna get to bed early since I was up until almost 5am this morning.

In doing my laundry, I find myself still checking pockets of everything in hopes to find my lost SD card. I know, it's been so long since I've posted that unless you've seen me, the news of my losing the card might be new. Well, as I listened to my own thoughts of losing my card while checking pockets, I realize that I had tried really hard to use my tried and true theory for me that once I stop worrying about losing something, I find it. I have to admit it mad me sad to think that even that method of "finding things" didn't work. It took me back many years to when I was a teenager. A strange story really. I was about 16 and an avid tennis player. I had been given a gold tennis raquet charm that I wore all of the time. I remember looking down one day noticing it was gone, even though the chain was hanging loose from my neck. I must have searched for that charm for weeks and didn't find it no matter how hard I tried or how sad I was to have lost it. I worried myself sick about it. Finally, as time went by, I counted the charm as lost and kinda pushed it to the back of my mind. Well, as strange as it sounds, MONTHS later, as I was doing my household chores, I noticed a glimmer coming up from the bottom of the toilet bowl. I took a second look and saw something shiny at the bottom of the bowl. Whatever it was, it was covered with comet. I put my head down to see what it was and the only thing I saw was the small teensy little loop that holds the charm onto the chain. I grabbed for something to cover my hand so I could reach down into the bowl to retreive whatever it was. You can imagine how shocked I was to pull out of the depths of the toilet, my beloved raquet charm. Now realize, this was a weekly chore and with a household of 6. You can imagine how many times that toilet had been used, and scrubbed since I lost the charm. The math on that one seems crazy. Really when you think of all that had to have passed through that bowl. The fact that one random day I happen to be looking down to clean it and find the charm is amazing.

I told myself with my current misplaced item that worrying wasn't going to do me any good and I had just give it up. Same type of thing just happened to me . I FOUND MY CARD!!!!! I have been really bummed about the card but I was just trying to talk myself out of being upset. I was thinking how the "don't worry" thing didn't work not 2 minutes before I just happened to look in a spot I'd checked a zillion times this weekend to find the card right there! I can't even tell you how happy I am. When I thought that it was gone I kinda knew what pictures I hadn't downloaded. Come to find out the only pictures I would have lost were the girl scout pictures I had just printed before I "lost" the card. There were only 24 pictures that hadn't been downloaded into my computer. Whew, lucky me. Man, have I learned a lesson. Funny thing is I kept on telling myself not to worry about the card and it would show up. I think I really was still worried about it until literally just a few minutes before I found it. I guess it's hard to fake yourself out!

OK, so I'm so tired that I think when I reread this post later today, it might not even make sense. Either way, I have my card, I have posted, and I HAVE to go to bed. I will post some pics tomorrow and put a little recap of what has been going on in the time since my last post.

So Happy and Pooped!!!!'


...leaving my legacy said...

awwww...don't worry, be happy!

The England Family said...

Hey's Heather England! Glad I found your blog! You sound like me lately. So many things to get done around the house and so many other little fun projects that I want to do, I don't end up going to bed until the wee hours of the morning! Glad you found your card. Have a great week!

Carol Bachofner said...

Oh Bunny! I laughed and laughed at your "lost charm" story. I cannot tell you how many times I had hoped to scrub a this or a that only to give up on it to spend quality time with you and your sisters. It was worth having one or two unscrubbed items to have those memories. And trust me when I say there is always gonna be housework. There won't always be soft breath on your neck and warm little hands on your face. Take those and a less than shiny toilet any day!

Love, Mamas