Friday, August 1, 2008

When life gets busy....stop and play with your kids!

So things are busy, and I could probably work on one thing or another for a week straight. But, in the midst of feeling stressed, I looked back at the three little faces in the back of my car and decided we needed some good old fashioned park time. What a good way to put things into perspective. How can you beat this?

Funny because this is the park near our old house in Temecula where we used to take Alyssa all the time. I remember deciding that Megan would be named Megan one day while I was here pushing Alyssa on the swing. WToday we had the park to ourself. I guess no other mom's were crazy enough to be at the park at noon on a summer day. Kinda nice to have no distractions. The girls had the best time trying to help eachother in the tree. Evan was cool running all over the place and following his sisters around. Looking at these pictures makes me realize just how fast my life with my little ones is going. As much as we like to comlain about the daily grind on being parents, times like these make it all worth it. I only wish Matt was home today to enjoy the park with us.

Just a few pics from the day.
Have a great weekend.