Saturday, August 23, 2008

Whew, operation organize underway!

So last year Ali Edwards was talking about a word for the year. Heck, it might have even started a few years ago. Anyhow, at the beginning of last year (or maybe the year before) I said to my dear friend Holly that my word was going to be ORGANIZE. She laughed because for years she keeps telling me how organization will help me in my scrapbooking. Well, I like to revisit the same subjects around the same time each year. You know, it's kind of like you can tell when fall is coming because the weather is changing, or you can tell when Valentine's Day is closer because all of the retail stores turn red with themed decor and gifts everywhere. Well, Holly and I have discussions at certain times of year and I just had my big "get organized" declaration. I starting thinking that I never really have truly accomplished that WORD for whatever year it might have been. SOOOOO, being the go getter that I am, I have OPERATION ORGANIZATION underway in my life. Nice thing, I am really doing it. In the last week or so I have...Cleaned out
Evan's closet, toy boxes, toy organizer, and drawers. The rafters in the garage. The hallway cupboards. The cupboard under my island, another cupboard in the kitchen, & the silverware drawer. Not a bad start! Wow, with a few month's left in the year I might actually accomplish my organization goal. Wow, I might get a new word!!!! With my organization, I am hoping to make daily life less stressful. I'll let you know my progress.
With that out of the way, here's what has been going on...
The girls went back to school. Alyssa is in 4th grade and Megan is in the 2nd grade. For the first time ever, I rolled into "Flight Reservations" at school to find out teacher assignments and felt very sad. I felt like a black cloud just swept on in and opened up on me and my two little girls. I found the class lists and was surprised to find Megan in a job share situation and Alyssa in a 4/5 combo class. I tried so hard to put my brave mommy face on and not throw the tantrum that was brewing inside. It kinda worked but Alyssa saw right through me. She always sees what I am really thinking. Long story short....the Bailes version (that's a story in itself) is that they are both doing well and I HOPE AND PRAY that it will be fine. Alyssa is actually really loving the 5th grade math she was exposed to this week. She was so proud each day to go back to school and turn in her work to her teacher. Megan is so easy going and loves BOTH of her teachers. Yes, I said Meg is easy going. With all her spice I am amazed at what doesn't bother her!

I hope you enjoyed these pics. You'll notice Evan just had to have his own backpack and even had his own chance in from of the camera. He did pretty well with having them gone all day. I'm sure it's nice to get all of the attention for the majority of the day
OK, I promise to put my blog on the top portion of my daily to do list. Talk to you soon!
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