Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Big day!

So today was big in three ways.

1. I voted. Did you? I know I did my part in voting. I now will have to do my part in praying. I will leave it at that. Those who are close to me know I am HOLDING MY TONGUE right about now. I worry.

I got my glasses. A long wait following years of procrastinating. I can finally see. The girls love them. Matt says I look hip and he loves them too. I am happy because I can see the tv without squinting. It was a little strange wearing them today. I did get prescription sunglasses too so I'll be able to see no matter what. I am trying to follow Ally's example and actually take my own picture. This is me, today, seeing for the first time in years.

I lost my favorite coffee pot. If you know me and know how I love my coffee, you know how this is big for me. No, It didn't run away, but I had get a new one because it kept leaking all over my counter top. I intended on just exchanging it for a new one but Bed Bath and Beyond has stopped carrying my coveted Hamilton Beach Brewstation. I have a Cuisinart coffee pot on the way but it is NOT exciting at all. I am thinking I'll hunt the internet tonight and see if I can find myself a brewstation any how. I had no idea when I unplugged my baby today that I would come home to this. A blank spot with no Brewstation! I am bummed.

Ok, well I need to get to hunting for a new, real coffee pot. Hmmmm, I hope I find one.
Lauren :O)))


ally serrato said...

taking pictures of yourself is rad!!! love the new lenses by the way!!!

Jennifer Priest said...

Love the new glasses!! I didn't hold my tongue! LOL We probably are feeling about the same right now about that whole thing...but I did get my free cup of coffee at Sbux!!

Christi said...

Love the new glasses! Very stylish. Voting was huge around here yesterday and I thought that in itself was awesome to see. Bummer about the coffee pot. We had to replace our favorite last year, I kept breaking the glass part so we went to the stainless steel. It was an adjustment! I hope you find your good one soon.

A Sassy Chick said...

You know, I have given this sign off thing some serious thought. And since you wanted opinions... here is mine.... (scared yet?) You are a creative person with a fly by night flare. You whisk here and there and allow us to peek into your world every so often. You are serious, sassy, curious, and simply crazy at times... why limit yourself to just one sign off? You are much more than a generic sign off. Generic sign offs don't show your current mood or thoughts. I vote for no sign off that is used all the time. I want the authentic you each and every time. (I'm sure you're shocked with that one! :) ) You know me... I'm sure I'll love whatever sign off you choose... I mean, hey, I love ya to pieces!

A Sassy Chick said...

Love the glasses!

Krystie said...

The glasses are way hip! You look so SMART...hahha, just kidding, I meant cute!